Hi! I’m Brittany…

but I’m pretty sure you figured that out.

Welcome to my artsy little corner of the world. My husband and I live in Boulder, Colorado where I’m a graphic designer by day and netflix-binging artist by night. Art is my escape—not that I have anything terrible to escape from—but it’s that place where I lose track of time and somehow turn off my brain to all of the outside chatter. It makes me a little less crazy and couldn’t we all use a good helpin’ of that? Art therapy is real folks!

My current work consists of fluid acrylic paint, resin, and alcohol ink.




  • Born and bred Georgia peach from Braselton—a small town primarily famous for being purchased and sold by Kim Basinger.
  • My earliest memories of loving art start with my grandmother. She’d be chatting away on the phone and would mindlessly doodle these beautiful Barbie-esque women on her notepad. I would try over and over again to copy them.
  • I attended Berry College in Rome, Georiga where I used to hoop it up on the women’s basketball team. You’ll still catch me hustling high school boys in HORSE every now and then.
  • I graduated with a major in visual communications and a minor in fine arts.
  • My husband and I lived in a small village in Switzerland for four years. Calling it an “amazing experience” will forever be an understatement.
  • We’ve visited 22 countries and have SO many more to go!

Artist makes decorations from resin and paint

Artist makes decorations from resin and paint Art by Brittany Free Art

Posted by Bored Panda Art on Wednesday, October 17, 2018