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Resin & Alcohol Ink eBook

Learn step-by-step instructions on getting started with creating resin and alcohol ink art. Be forewarned, you’ll be addicted in no time!


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Who’s this eBook for?

Everyone! No, really! Whether you have been an artist for forty years or just wanting a new hobby for your weekends, this book breaks down the resin + alcohol ink process into simple, easy-to-follow instructions. So no past experience is needed!


What you’ll learn


I’ve listed out all of the supplies that are absolutely required to get started as well as supplies that are just nice to have.  

working with resin

Before you can jump in to creating your art, you need to know the basics of working with resin. We’ll go through how to measure, mix, and pour the resin properly to ensure you get the best possible results!

Creating your art

Once you know how to work with resin, we’ll walk through how to add alcohol ink and how to achieve certain effects. Please know there is definitely no “right” way to do this and the options are endless!


Resin can be finicky to work with and random issues can pop up. I’ve outlined the top problems I’ve encountered and how to combat them. RIP microbubbles!

About Me

Meet the Artist

Hey, I’m Brittany! I’m an artist based in Boulder, Colorado and dropping alcohol ink into resin has become a SERIOUS addiction. I want to share my love of this technique with anyone who wants to listen! Some people enjoy yoga and others practice meditation. I’ve tried both and let’s just say they aren’t my cup of tea. Instead I prefer to strap on a respirator mask, stir up some resin, and see what magic can come to life with a few drops of alcohol ink.


What folks are sayin’

Sara, @sacitysara

Sacramento, California

My true introduction to resin art came with meeting Brittany @bfreeart on Instagram. The ease with which she shares her knowledge and the beauty she’s managed to create got me excited to believe that I too can be artistic. Now with her e-book she generously shares everything you’ll need and want so your list is always ready to shop the hobby store online or your neighborhood. Easy to follow guidelines in pleasant conversational tones make this book feel like she is right there encouraging us with her fun and lively “You Can” attitude.  

Brittany Free Art, the answers you need before you know there is a question!

Anthony, @AnthonyLeutenegger
Leysin, Switzerland

Brittany Free’s: “Tips and Tricks” for Alcohol Ink and Resin was just what I needed to fully understand the process that goes into creating these beautiful pieces of art. I had no idea how complex and scientific the process was. From timing to viscosity to heat, you have to master all of these concepts to have a successful outcome. For anyone looking for a shortcut to learning the process, look no further.